Frequently Asked Questions

Our club focuses on experiencing unique, one-of-a-kind whiskeys from American craft distilleries. The whiskeys will be locally grown, grain-to-glass, distilled and aged on site, not sourced juice. Moreover, we want to bring people together. Club members will take part of each whiskey selection process.

To join ACWC, sign up for our waitlist. We will send you an email with instructions to sign up.

The club will hold a blind tasting event at a local restaurant every 4 months.  Members will vote to select the specific distillery for upcoming single barrels.

Attendance at the event will include dinner and, therefore, require an RSVP and will be an additional cost which will fluctuate depending on each restaurant’s fee. During the event, members will blind taste and vote to select two whiskeys from two different types of whiskeys (bourbon, rye, single malt, etc.). For example, the first dinner could have two bourbons and two ryes for members to choose their preferred for rye and bourbon. The next dinner could have two wheats and two bourbons for members to vote for their preferred wheat and bourbon.

For those who can’t attend, samples will be shipped to your residence for you to sample and vote. Your selections will be registered when you send an email.

The club will receive 3 barrel samples from the whiskeys chosen during the club event.

The samples will be randomly shipped to 4-6 members to blind taste and vote on which specific barrel the club receives.

All members will get a chance to pick a barrel before another member gets a second chance.

Membership will be $59.99/month + tax (including shipping). Payment will not begin until your first bottle is shipped.

If you pay for the annual membership at one time then you receive 10% of the membership rate.

Whiskey is best shared with friends so if you refer five friends that sign up to the club then you will get half off the price of your first year’s membership ($29.99/month + tax (including shipping)).

*pricing is subject to change and will be updated accordingly.

Yes. We are continually building a relationship with Craft Whiskey Distilleries around the country to receive opportunities to purchase exclusive whiskeys (think distillery releases) from around the country. When these unique releases occur, we will offer members the option to purchase them before the official release. The American Craft Whiskey Club will donate the profits from these purchases to a local charity.

Moreover, we want the club to reflect its members by empowering them to choose the whiskey offerings as well as the number of bottles provided. Therefore club members can vote to increase the number of whiskeys included in their membership. **additional charges would apply.

Yes if there are additional supplies after all members receive a bottle. Additional bottles cannot be guaranteed. The club will focus on rare, one-of-a-kind, cask strength single barrel whiskeys which naturally produce lower yields. Additional bottles can be purchased for $50 (plus tax, shipping included).

Not at all. The uniqueness of each distillery’s grains, location, and distilling techniques will naturally create new experiences for people at all levels.

We provide a members-only platform where you can connect with other members, share your whiskey experiences, and exchange recommendations. Additionally, we organize events and tastings where you can meet fellow whiskey enthusiasts in person or virtually.

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For questions about billing or payments, email

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