One-of-a-kind, GRAIN-TO-GLASS

Membership & Benefits

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The American Craft Whiskey Club
Exceptional Whiskeys…For Club Members Only

Wondering what membership is all about?
First and foremost, members have access to exclusive American craft whiskeys not available anywhere else:

Unique Whiskeys

Members receive rare, one-of-a-kind whiskeys – very difficult if not impossible to find in the market – from American craft distilleries that specialize in grain-to-glass production.

Cask Strength Selections

We focus on sourcing cask strength barrel picks to provide you with exceptional and robust whiskey experiences. (Subject to distilleries allowing cask strength distribution.)

Six Bottles Annually

Enjoy the thrill of receiving six unique bottles of American Craft Whiskey, one every other month.

tasting opportunities

Partake in whiskey tastings to help choose which distilleries and barrels that members receive

Distillery Discounts

Select discounts from local craft distilleries

Supporting Craft Distillers

You’ll be supporting small businesses, from the whiskey producer to the farmer. Cheers to that.

Member Community, Benefits & Discounts
Beyond the bottle, we’re also bringing you experiences and community

Love of great whiskey goes beyond the bottle. That’s why we’re giving you ways to be more involved in the process:

Active Member Participation

You’ll have opportunities to vote on distilleries and/or barrel picks for the club and provide input on the types of whiskeys distributed, including bourbon, rye, single malt, wheat, bottled-in-bond, double barrel, finished, and more.

Virtual Distillery Discussions

During barrel picks, members will have the chance to virtually meet employees from the distilleries, engaging in conversations about the company and the whiskeys being tasted and considered for future releases.

Second Bottle Options

When they’re available, you’ll have the chance to purchase a second bottle, providing further opportunities to explore and expand your whiskey collection.

Craft Distillery Discounts

Membership includes exclusive discounts from many of the craft distilleries in our network. Discounts vary from state to state due to liquor laws.